Industrial Applications

Laser Cutting / Engraving / CNC Machining / Plastic Fabrication

Our bespoke fabrication really does bring your drawings to life. From small scale models to retail rollouts the possibilities are endless. Be it long term production runs or a one-off bespoke item, we cater for everybody’s needs.


With our thermo forming oven we are able to mould a large variety of products. Our oven enables us to mould large tubes in a variety of materials and also blow domes on a large scale.


We offer an extensive range of acrylic sheeting in various thicknesses comprising of a full range of colours, metallics, frosts and pearlescents from the leading brands.

JD Plastics - Industrial Applications - Cutting
JD Plastics - Industrial Application - Lasar Cutting

Laser Cutting

Our laser cutting/engraving system turns drawings into reality. Laser cutting gives the ability to cut the most intricate of shapes with great precision whilst leaving a polished edge. Laser engraving offers a unique and detailed way of etching text or logos onto the face of materials.


We can offer a number of different ways of polishing saw cut edges to a shiny finished surface. A flame polisher which can be used when softer edges are required or edges which are difficult to get to and a hand buffed finish mainly used for thicker material. We also have a floor mounted diamond head polisher which leaves a sharp, crisp finish, and also has the option of leaving a matt/satin finish which is perfect for frosted material.

CNC Routers

Our CNC routers have a working area of 2160 x 3050mm, 2050 x 3050mm, or 1350 x 3600mm both machines having multiple cutting spindles offering a high degree of accuracy.


All our cnc routers are available for your Aluminium Composite, Timber and Engineering requirements.

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